• Belts
  • Horse Tack
  • Tool Rolls
  • Knife & Gear Pouches
  • Watch Bands
  • Straps
  • Cigar Case
Pre loved buckle fitted to new belt
Double keeper
Decorated knife pouches
Watch Bands
Personalised items
Customised leather items
Pencil pen holder book marks
Full grain leather 5 buckle Sure fit bridles
Parade Barcoo – Full Grain Leather with felt back and hand stitching.
Leather Bridle 5 buckle shore fit with drop point nose band.
Full grain leather 5 buckle Sure fit bridles
Full grain leather 5 buckle Barco bridles
Full grain leather 3 buckle Sure fit bridles
Breast plates
Stirrup treads
Stirrup tread and strap
Decorated Spur straps
Dog collars
Bit straps
Rein ends
Knotted brow bands
Decorated leather brow bands
Straps for guitars and other instruments
Photo sent in by customer of their loved Washburn and new GP strap
Custom leather straps for instruments
Bulk orders made on request
Colour variations
Period and Medieval reproductions
Medieval belt and shoulder bags
Matching gift sets
Key rings
Nipple and decorative tassels
Hobbles for Horses and People
Slobber Straps
Saddle and cycle bags
Tool Roll
Cigar Case

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