Sewing machine thread tension set up

This topic comes up a lot, and many people have differing ways of setting up for individual sewing jobs. One thing that is common to all machines and straight stitching jobs, is even pressure at the material.

Test subject Singer 1963 model K196 straight stitcher.
Picture from K196 manual.

Points to remember;

Match the needle thread tension to suit the bobbin thread tension. Don’t touch the bobbin thread adjuster unless you know what your doing and as a last resort.

Adjust this one. Needle thread tension.
Bobbin thread tensioner.

Make certain the thread is routed correctly.

If your not experienced. Check your manual or ask for help. You will never correctly set your tension if your thread is incorrectly routed.
Pictures are great set up tools.

When using a new thread for the first time, start setting up with smaller stitch lengths. Then progress and adjust for longer length stitches. This makes tuning a lot easier.

Smaller the number, shorter the stitch. Skip number one and start on 2.

Check that your thread suits the machine. Threads have different twists.

This is important. Check your manual. If your experiencing fraying of thread, then this may be the cause.

The machine I have used for the example is a repair. I have used a white thread for the bobbin and brown for needle, this is just to help me and you see that the thread is tensioned correctly.

Brown Needle thread.
Left example shows that the brown stitch thread is to loose. Right example is very good tension.

This has been just a brief set of instructions and examples. I hope it may help some one. The Singer K196 is a repair and set up.

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