How we make our standard belts

Pictures will help to explain the stages of manufacture. Our belts are made using natural or pre coloured leather. I have used pictures of different belts of various sizes and colour in the examples.

Three popular models
Natural Cow Leather suitable for belt making.

We select the required leather in natural or pre coloured to suit the order. A length is cut to the desired width. Natural leather is coloured towards the end stage.

The edges are skived or sanded to order. This is not always done at the start, sometimes it is done towards the end.

Pre coloured leather requires edge colour after edge skiving or sanding.
A Japanese knife with chisel edge is used to reduce thickness.
The thickness of the leather is reduced at the buckle end to accomodate the hardware and fold. This also uniforms the thickness when folded.
Stitch and buckle pin holes are punched through the leather from the top side.
The fold is set by damping the leather with water and then leaving to dry in the fold vice.
Hardware is hand stitched in place.
Length is cut to order and holes punched for buckle pin.
Makers logo is stamped on. Natural leather gets coloured at this stage. Pre coloured leather will just get a touch up where required.
Pre coloured belt ready for edge colour. Edge colour is applied using a brush or cotton wool bud.
Pre coloured being touched up
Wax is rubbed into the rough edges, then melted in with a flame before being buffed with the timber.
Polishing is completed by hand by applying wax and then polishing. This also seals the surface.
Completed pre and hand coloured belts.

Please ask for details on any stage. You can purchase belts and other stock by contacting us at

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