Repairing Leather Goods

The most common leather work I carry out is Tack repair and alteration/ restoration. I like it this work because it go’s directly against the disposable lifestyle we are expected to adopt. I can’t stand that we have become a disposable society. Having a background in maintenance work I’ve seen first hand how we have changed our ways, progressively over the past 40 years and not for the better. Many people are now amazed that anyone even knows how to make a repair or adjustment, and then equally amazed how in expensive it can be. Leather Crafters, Leather workers, Saddlers, Shoe Repairers, Harness makers and upholsterers can all be of service when requiring work done to leather goods. I started my gurney in leather, doing simple repairs to leather horse tack on the farm I managed, and then I progressed into new product making. I love doing repair work and I also love having repairs done when needed. Ive just had a boot heel repaired by a local Shoe Repair business, excellent result at a great price. You won’t believe the price! $15.00 WOW. See the photo as I would love to give him a plug. And please consider me for your Tack and restoration work🤓

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