Latest online small sales scam

Note to all small sellers. I received an offer via eBay on a regular item I have listed for sale. The person making the offer also contacted me by email, this is normal as my online website is easy to find. The prospective buyer then withdrew the eBay offer and then offered to buy direct from us. They asked all the normal questions relevant to a sale. Then just before purchasing they asked if they could pay an extra 300.00 into our account via PayPal on top of the purchase amount providing we could pop in a pre paid gift card, as the item is going to a loved one as a gift. They gave us the name of the gift card and advised us we could purchase this at our local supermarket. Here is the catch, all they need to do is hold for the dispatch, and then to complete the scam they ask PayPal to refund the amount for any variety of reasons. Then your stung, they disappear. Good luck getting your card or the funds back. We did not fall for it but when I checked, it was confirmed as a common scam.

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