Leather on the Block

On the Block

Leather goods in various stages of manufacture or repair. Questions and comments welcome.


Pack and Saddle Bags

Slobber Straps for Mecate Reins

Slobber straps are used to attach rope reins.

The Mecate set up usually consists of the leather straps and around 22feet of rope ( Macate) that makes up the rein and lead rope in a continuous length.

Strap and buckle

Cutting a guitar strap. Most of the work I do involves a strap and buckle of some sort. This one when complete will outlast the owner. I’m cutting cow shoulder leather, it’s thick with good fibre that can be split or skived to suit without giving away to much strength.

Busy work shop

Extra bench

It is a busy month, even the make shift bench is full 🤓 very happy.

Knife sheath

Waxed Polished Completed. I may do the other in brown, still undecided.

Even when making a one of a kind custom item, it is nice to make a similar second one. There are many reasons for this such as reducing cost by making two or more at once or having one for stock to sell on the spot. In this case I am making a left and right handed sheath. I’ll keep the second one for myself as I have a knife that fits well and I’d like a left hand pull. Tracing from the first pieces cut directly onto leather is a great way to save time as all the design work that took time was done on the first one. I also draw every new item/ pattern into a book for future reference, this is also a great time saver. Many Saddler’s and crafters make cardboard or other suitable templates. Basic rule of thumb is don’t let anything go out without having kept a record of the pattern and if your making quantities or repeating the work from time to time then make a template.


Not to many of these being made anymore! but once upon a time they where as common as the horse and people relied on them. I still use them in special cases. Used properly they are kind and if needed will save a horse’s life.

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