The Old Friend

Just turned a young 35 years old

If someone had asked me years ago if I would still have this bike in 2020, the answer would have been probably not. A near death experience, rebuild, worn out hips, back problems and growing older by the minute has just made me fonder of my mount. She has never broke down, got a flat or failed to start and the ridiculous strength of the machine saved my life when I hit a Deer head on in the Royal National Park, I even rode the bike home after we where both dragged off the road by good citizens. She only has around 90 HP at the rear wheel but will still go 0 to 100km in 4 seconds just as when it was new, plenty for me. She is one of only a few mates in the area now, others have all moved away or passed away. We don’t talk much but we communicate well and I am as perceptive to her needs as she seems to be to mine. I don’t have a roof to put her under but she is off the street and covered with a blanket and tarp at night. My partner Vicki loves her to and we make a great threesome riding together two up and creating great memories. Bikes aren’t for everyone but those that know will appreciate where I’m coming from 😎

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