Standard Belt

In any micro manufacturing business there will be a standard set, usually by the most popular item. This seems to happen mostly because the popular item automatically gets the most hands on R & D. In our small business it is the standard belt. The first new leather item I made was a belt and I clearly remember my friend and teacher saying to me “you think that’s pretty good and it is, but in a few years you will look back at that and think it’s pretty ordinary” I thought to myself, how can that be, it’s a belt and how much better could you make it, well he was correct. That was thirteen years ago and I still find ways to improve on the product.

I just made another improvement. It is a simple one but makes a tidy difference. Actually two improvements. Who would be interested? A voice in my head asked, maybe another Maker? I’ll keep a couple of secrets up my sleeve, the next time I give a lesson to a new Crafter. Another voice says, after all it’s hard to have an edge over others. But then it is only a belt, or is it? 🤣

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