Motorcycle Jackets

Leather isn’t always what it seems! We all know about fake leather and for some applications it is good, but what I would like to draw attention to is three types of leather being used to make motorcycle jackets. The traditional and best is Full Grain leather, this leather is complete with nothing done that will weaken it. The second and very commonly used now in large commercial production is Top Side Leather, this leather has a lovely feel and is lighter in weight with an even grain on the face side. This leather appears to be strong but has been weekend in production (will explain why another time) this leather has a shorter life span. The third leather is Polished Split, this leather is very week and really not suitable for a motorcycle jacket, yet it is becoming common, I’ve even seen it being sold as official HD merchandise! My personal experience confirms the above, I have old Ausie Full Grain jackets that are as good as new and newer Top Side that have worn quickly.

I’ve even had the not so pleasurable experience of owning a HD jacket made from polished split that just fell apart. So if your wanting a Jacket that’s going to be around for a long time then try and buy one made from Full Grain Leather.

The leather split HD jacket worn on left fell apart in no time at all. The full grain one on right still going has been handed down to my daughter and there is every chance it will become a vintage collectable.

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